Redux with VSTis

Is Redux only for use with sample instruments?

I’m currently using Renoise connected to Cubase via Rewire. This solution “works” for me but a better solution for me would be to use Renoise as plugin from my Cubase - which is what I believe Redux is for (?).

So 2 questions I guess:

  1. Can you use VST instruments with Redux today?

  2. Are there any plans to use VST instruments with Redux if it isn’t possible today?

  1. no

  2. I don’t know

I think your best bet for using VSTi with Redux is to Render plugin to instrument and load the resulting .xrni in Redux.

redux is a sampler, all the stuff in the “sampler” tab from renoise put into a vst, except the ability to load vst into its effect chains

Yeah for loading VSTs you just want to use Renoise itself…Redux is a Sampler, so No, it doesn’t load VST instruments.