reference tuning sample

hi. does renoise come with a reference tone? i’ve got my trusty old c4_refr.xi i made back in FT2 days when i also had an oscilloscope, but it’s 44.1/16b.

it’d be swell if renoise did come with one. i can probably make one by hand, but i have to go look things up every time if i want it to be super exact.

or perhaps there’s a free one out there? .xrni obv preferable so i don’t have to worry about finetuning being right/wrong/whatever.


humm… this is not exactly what youre looking but perhaps you should try this tool.

There’s a simple sine wave in the default Renoise instrument folder that I use for tuning all the time!

I’m using the spectrum analyzer to tune my samples. Any benefits to use a reference tone?

for me i find that tuning by ear is limited by the amount of time i’m willing to spend on it, whereas tuning by the spectrum analyzer is limited by my screen resolution.

in other words, i like spectrum for a “coarse” knob and ears for “fine”.

precisely what i was hoping for, thanks!

EDIT: oh dang, v3.0.0 doesn’t have the chip folder. doh! dear devs, that dir was only 220K in renoise 2.8.0, would it be trivial to bring it back for future releases? (thankfully i have older dirs still around)

There are still chip samples in the 3.0 installation, located in Instruments > Elements > Chip - Sine/Saw/Sq/Tri

I use Chip - Sine for the very same purpose :walkman: