regarding right click to change parameter's value


Newbie here! I was following the automation video (part 4) for the Renoise youtube tutorial. They were mentioning the 2nd method of Automation using the effects column line by line. The only error in the video is that they failed to mention about Mac users. We don’t have a right click mouse.

So how do I insert a command in the effect column to the right of the track using a Mac?

Thank You!

In the long run, and to make your computer life a whole lot easier in general, I would simply recommend picking up a new mouse with more buttons :slight_smile:

In the meantime, you should be able to use the standard modifier key to simulate a right-click on the parameters/sliders. This will either be Command+Click or Control+Click, depending on your personal preferences.

If all else fails, you can enable edit/record mode (Esc key by default), and then simply type the values directly into the pattern editor using the computer keyboard.

That didn’t really work. Both command options after clicking one of the effects on the side panel. At the end of the day, the graphical automation is the way to go. I wish there was an easier way to mimic the video tutorial on the Mac. I will play around. Thanks!