Registered users - please update your e-mails

Suprisingly as it seems some registered users don’t want their full versions :)

Please, if you want us to give you maximal support and give you all the important info and notify you about what is new, then please try to make sure to maintain your e-mail address is correct.

To even simplify this, you don’t even have to mail me to do it, but you can update it from user pages automatically. Please do!

Because of users not updated their e-mail addresses this happened:

  • one user has his mailbox totally full. unable to accept new emails.
    please keep it empty or use another account for Renoise!
  • other user is unknown on one university server ( (user is unknown) Please update your e-mail on user pages.

Because of users not updating their e-mail addresses we lost 1 user in the past. He registered for Noisetrekker actually. His name is Ott Aaloe. Please note that you are STILL registered user of Renoise 1.0 - 2.0 if you are reading this and you can contact me (now don’t get ideas to contact me with this name I will verify his postal address :)

We would like to help you people but you have to make sure that this minimum we are asking for like valid e-mail address we can post on to is correct and usable otherwise we cannot compy our service completely and as we would like to.

In hope that registered users will now take care of this in the future I’m sending another thanks to everyone that registered so far.