Registration Problem!


I just bought renoise.
But i dont have no Credit Card… so as you suggested I asked a friend to pay for me.


He put HIS OWN informations in the “cardholder” zone and mine in the “billing”.

I received the billing confirmation, but HE received the key and user password for the user zone… and it’s all at his name!!!

Is there a solution? Cant you just switch the accounts and make mine active?

I dont want to have paid for a license that isnt mine ;(

please mail your license info at pulsar [at] renoise [dot] com, explaining the problem.

I’m sure that Pulsar will take care of your problem

I just did that along with that post…

Lets see what happens…

Because the user webpage is explicit about the fact that changing the user infos doesnt affect the name of in the license ;(((

God, yesterday i had problem with the “reminder” that appeared every 5 minutes… and now i bought it i have a problem with an obscure registration form…

it’s not my weekend !

Try to adopt a foreign child and use dubious methods to get the child into your own country simply because there are no formal ways to achieve it, i can assure you, you won’t have any satisfying weekend that will follow from then on.

What did you smoked? May i have some?

Or maybe there was a meaning behind your child adoption shit?

About the “DUBIOUS”, well, make a friend with a visa buy renoise for you IS A SOLUTION GIVEN ON THE WEBSITE.
And sure he IS the “cardholder”, so i guess he did well in putting HIS infos where the system asked them.

And btw i am an adopted child so please go play with your “dubious” metaphors elsewhere and just ignore me.

I was just attempting to make your weekend look nicer than mine.

(me and my wife have adopted a child, that was not a joke)


sorry so !

I’m unusually on my nerves…

I tryed to change the Username from the user zone and logoff to check if it worked.
After many failed attempts to login with “new username / new password” and “old username/old password” i finally realised that I had to user “old username / new password” and that the username is the static unchangeable thing they told about in the userzone.
As a result, my account (with the name of my friend) is now locked for a day…

I feel soooo arsef****ed ;(((

He will and HAS.

the problem is that the soft is/will be registered at HIS name instead of mine.

The username is STATIC.
So even if i could change the Firstname / Lastname / Mail / Password in the user website to make them mine, i still have to use his username, and the soft is registered at this username.

What’s the use of buying a software if you end doing something that is illegal ?!

Problem solved!

Topid closed.

Obviously, the support IS responsive, even a sunday!!!

good good good!

I’ve told you :)

I had the same problem.
But with 1 mail to the Renoise Devs, my day was saved.

do not underestimate the power of support of the Renoise team.

(can I get my lifetime registration for Renoise now? ;) )