Hey, Renoise Team!

I’m currently working/writing on my moms PC seeing as my other PC crashed a month ago and refused to restart, and was sent to a repair-shop. :( What next, my mom, who pays a solid amount of money each month on the PC (still paying on it even 1 year after my birthday. it was a present) has decided that we send it back and get our money back instead, because the bills has gotten so expensive. We’ve got problems paying them. If I had a job (which I’m currently applying for at every possible store/shop around) I could probably prevent this, but I guess I’ll just have to look ahead and get a job in the future and save up money to buy a new PC…

This PC tho, doesn’t have MIDI or a CD-Burner, and a friend of mine who is starring in an amateur movie has been asking me to make music for some car-scenes in the movie. (The movie is being finished around march-april, so it’s quite urgent.) Doesn’t take a genius to understand this would be quite awesome.

Here’s the question tho…
I wanna register Renoise on this PC, so that I’m able to at least make WAV’s --> MP3’s and then have a friend download them and burn them on a CD. But if I register Renoise on THIS PC, will I be able to use the same registration on the PC I’m planning to buy later? Or am I gonna have to buy two different registrations?

Thanks in Advance


Yes, a registration is not specific to any computer. Once you register, you are registered, regardless of what computer you are using.

You can use Renoise on as many PC’s you like but you must be THE ONLY USER of all installed versions.
(if you sell old PC, Renoise must be removed from that PC’s hard drive).

If there are more than one users regardless of number of PC’s each one must purchase his own license otherwise License Agreement terms are being broken
for the both, person alowing his own Renoise to be used by other person(s) and for the person using it.

(License entitles only one person to use one registered Renoise). Multiple users can use one installed Renoise but each one must purchase
his/hers own license regardless. If licenses are purchased at different time (i.e. user 1 registered 1.1, user 2 registered 1.2 when registration of user 1
runs out he is not entitled anymore to use user’s 2 Renoise v2.19 which user 2 will get).

Each version of Renoise is protected by the international copyright laws.
Anyway all of this is written in much more details in License Agreement that can be seen on free version installer (that is the part to which you automatically agree when installing Renoise).