I’m quite happy with the energy in the track myself, but i wonder if this is a bit to weird and far out for most people?
It’s like i live in a bubble when it comes to my music, i really have no idea where to put it in genres and stuff.
Well anyway, enjoy if you like and i appreciate any comments. :)

Edit: i wrote regurgitation in my topic, but the track is called Regurgitate. :rolleyes:

Nice, give me a remix pack )

You could have called it Puke-music (instead of punk) to make it a bit more obvious, but hey, no pun intended here. Nothing wrong with the content :D

Thanks guys! :)

You want to make a remix sodiufas? I can up the xrns if that’s what you meant by remix pack?

Well, i definitely want to play with those arpeggios, and maybe i’ll end up with a remix… so yeah, xrns would be cool !)

Sorry for the taking so long, can’t get my mediafire to work, but i tried something else so let’s hope this works:

Thak you! :)