Relasing Old Song Takes Longer In 2.7?

i don’t know if this is a bug or something wrong with my memory, but releasing the old song takes a whole lot more time in 2.7.

Anybody else noticed this?

About as fast/slow as before here. Would be great if you could give us a bit more info, or the song that takes longer to release for you now.

yes it cought my attention to that when you close a track it takes a couple of seconds longer since 2.7.

didnt seem like a bug to me but maybe it’s some sort of faillsave procedure so files don’t get corrupted while closing them ?

Whatever it is, it would be great if you could test this with a few examples. The songs I’ve tried here do close about as fast or slow as before - about, roughly. Please let us also know on which OS (Windows, OSX or Linux) this happens.

i have renoise installed on xp sp3 (pentium / win 7 32 bit / win 7 64 bit and all have the same behaviour. i will test with the demo of 2.6.1 how many seconds difference there is!