Relax ft. Holly Johnson [8-bit chiptune/bitpop cover]

This song was a massive hit in 1984 for Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

When I heard Fred Grey’s C64 version of this song for the game 'Frankie Goes to Hollywood", it blew my mind. The use of the SID Chip’s filter was luscious! As a tribute to Fred’s wicked version of this song, I’ve used a similar noise filter effect on the (ahem) “cymbals”.

I’ve relied on the SID Chip’s capability to do synch & ring-modulation to create gritty, dirty sounds to emphasise the nature of the song - a raucous cacophony of sexual mayhem.

When this song was released, it got banned for both its initial music video (which they later changed) and its sexual innuendo made it notorious.

I pushed myself again with this one. I hope you enjoy it!

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