Release Asio Driver In Background

Renose needs this essential feature that it releases the ASIO driver when it is in the backgroud, I’ve lost audio playback dozens of times because of conflicting programs accessing drivers. Then I need to reboot. :confused:

But this probably means that programs also cause these conflicts when Renoise is at foreground?

Yes it does, but when renoise is @ foreground I don’t need other audio programs using drivers.




This would be an important feature!

Yes indeed!!!

wavetable-drawing and clipboard indicator (…) is more important to me than this.

So what?

a bit stupid of me to say that, i know. it is a must-have.
just wanted to post my part. nothing else

Ok. It just sounded so stupid, 'cause it gots nothing to do with the discussion. But I agree, it (this) is a must-have.

While we’re at it, (speaking of tabbing out of Renoise) there’s the minor annoyance of the Caps Lock changing state when placing note-off values… and then when you alt+tab out of Renoise, you’re in shout mode half the time

I don’t know if this can be fixed, i’ve made personal attempts in own application development to capture capslock event triggering, i could only choose to fully ignore the keyevent or do something with it. But the kernel event trapper handles caps-lock key trapping before it passes it to any application that is currently open.
Yes, you can set the state of capslock or numlock and scrollock through a software event, but this will also cause the keyevent to be sent to other applications (or currently active plugins) that respond to it.
In my case it caused arguments and irritations for people that experienced side-effects because they held a modifier that in combination with caps/numlock was entrapped to a background service which in its turn responded to the signal.

One solution that works now is to pick a different key for note-off actions.
If you have a wired multimedia keyboard, you maybe could route some of the buttons to existing options (like plau/pause instead of the space bar and stop to the record function (currently right-shift).
Or assign a keycombination that may be illogical for normal process, but you could assign to the multimedia key in the device driver wizard. (I have a logitech wireless keyboard and for some strange reason, Renoise doesn’t get a play/pause event from it, while when using a media keyboard that is attached, it does receive the event)
I actually could reroute a few functions to those buttons with the wired edition and use the original shortcuts for other purposes. Now with the wireless i have assigned the existing shortcuts to those keys in the driver.

hmm… that’s odd… I program in, and as is very simple, canceling a key is simple as passing back the e.handled boolean as true in the keypress sub… I’ve never tried it with capslock, but I was hoping it would be possible with Renoise… tho I guess if it was that easy, it would’ve been dealt with by now :(

Stay on-topic! This is very important feature, I once again just tonight lost functionality of my soundcard because of the conflict, and now I have no sound and need to reboot. Darn.

Renoise ASIO support is not perfect atm but there are not that much cards that show it.
At least i’m glad Renoise releases the driver when closing up (it takes a little while though)

At lest I’m glad that I had pants when I peed on myself, my couch did not get that much damage.


you need to reboot?

wow, you got sucky ASIO drivers mate :)

never had to do that, the only thing that happens is that any other application trying to access the ASIO interface won’t make a single sound incase renoise is already active in the background.

i personally can live with this, since switching to directsound in the respective app will turn everything functional again - but renoise never lost its sound.

i’m on an EMU1212m here.

and btw: by the time vista is released, problems of that nature will belong to the past (presuming that everything i read/heard about vista is actually true).

I won’t be using vista, since I would need to upgrade my comp, and if I am doing it I’m getting a Mac.

And yes, my ASIO drivers suck ass, since Terratec dropped support for EWX24/96 way back. There’s nutting I can do about it. :angry: