Release Your Songs!

Hi everyone,

I am new to Renoise, but an old dog in tracking.
I am used to release my MOD/XM’s, and learned a lot
from other composers, because I can see the song.

Nearly all releases here seem to be only MP3.

That’s not very usefull to exchange ideas and sounds.

There’s millions of MP3’s out there, so how do those made with
Renoise stand out ?

They don’t - only the .RNS files do.

Please release your songs!

I will.

Hi, nmioaon!

I know what you mean, it’s alot easier to learn a tracker program, or any other, for that matter, by opening an already existing file.

In Fasttracker 2.08, for example, this was very very easy.
Simply because Fasttracker was purely sample-based, meaning the only thing that was put in a .xm file, was samples, and of course the patterns and values for the instruments and the likes…

Now, with renoise, u have a whole new specter, right?
I mean…
Most renoise users, as far as i can tell, likes to use VST’s and VSTi’s. These are usually pretty big, seeing as they are programs/plugins that are to be opened within Renoise, you need to add these to the .rns file you want to upload on the net. Unless the downloader already HAS the VST/VSTi installed, which you can’t always account for, this will leave your song more or less unfinished, depending on how big a part the VST/VSTi plays in your song.

And you don’t want your song to be played without that kick-ass PRO-53 lead do you?


But, if you can somehow manage to link the crowd to the plugins, or maybe even upload the VST/VSTi’s along with the song, then why not?

Oh, and if you want to have a look at fun .rns files from previous beatbattles, check by ptrance’s homepage for downloads.

P.T’s homepage

Or go directly to the files here;

P.T’s fun page with lots of downloadable .rns files :)

Cheers, oh, and Tuborg rules.

Homer : “i want some new beer Moe.”
Moe : “Well how about this? Tuborg, the beer of Danish kings!”
Homer : “Mmmm, danish…”

we have discussed about having a common FREE vst base here…f3363489afdadc2

but the discussion didnt go too far :-/

vi ses


err?? :huh:

Too much beer Dufey??? :D I think you messed something up here :blink:

"P.T’s fun page with lots of downloadable .rns files :)" - this is the official bb3 result page and has nothing to do with me (except I was also competing in there).

Also I don´t have any rns sources on my homepage at the moment (but now you gave me the idea to put some up some day :D).
Only mp3s and xm s.

ah, thanks for promoting anyway ;)


Hehe :lol: Simpsons is the best!

The previous discussions of releasing rns songs ended up in the problems with VST(i)s…

Most songs use VST(i)s. There are many problems with linking VSTs to the songs. Some VSTs cost a bunch of money so obviously you don’t want to spread them with your song. Many VSTs are free, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are free to link without installation file, docs etc. And some VST must be installed as they are dependent on more files than the actual dll, registry keys etc. And finally some VSTs does not save their settings correctly so you have to load these separately after loading the song.

Then we have a whole other dimension of problems with external MIDI gear and post mixing/mastering.

But of course in many cases we are just bad at releasing the rns and just write "you need the following VSTs … "

Releasing rns files often makes no sense…

  1. VST plug-ins would have to be also included, but it’s ony possible with free plug-ins.
  2. If some song uses lots of effects users with slow computers are not able to play it correctly.
  3. If someone makes a song in 96000 hz it can be only played correctly in 96000 hz, if you play it in lower or higher frequency, weird things may happen. VST instruments can be totally detuned, some note-effects can suddenly get slower or faster etc.
  4. Source files that use lots of high quality samples are often incredibly big. I’ve seen some guys on this forum telling that their sources are for example 250 MB big! My are usually 10-20 MB big. I would even release them, but Modulez archive accepts only 8 MB files or smaller. Also I would have to include VSTs with them so the files would get even bigger.

So you see, like Dufey said, when old trackers ruled the world it was very easy, but today things have changed. However, Beatbattle rns’ are always good for education :).

Sorry, yeah, i had a little to drink…

Didn’t mean to misguide anyone anywhere.

But oh well, it’s a cool page anyway, and people should check it out :yeah:

Next ReNoise version bundle will have a bunch more songs. not really tutorial, rather “demo” songs.

Well ok, it’s not like an RNS archive, but still… :)

ah so i expect samba para mi included eh… :D nice song… i mentioned that, didn’t i?

well I don’t think that Native Instruments and IK Multimedia would be very happy to see their sample CDs contents being spreaded for free with ReNoise, though you could be happy to download that bunch of hunderd MBytes :)

oh and thanks :)

yeah it’s a good idea to spread your work… you have to be careful of copyright issues. and now with all the commercial vsti and sample cds, you can never be too sure.

well grabbing past mods from would be a good way to learn too… a little old, but it gives you the foundation of tracking and some cool skills. the rest will be up to you.

or someone can post snippets of their cool effects, which i’ve seen in this forum…

I agree with the argument by DDspeed, but i guess most rns are smaller or as big as Mp3 / ogg. And not so many people make 96khz music, too.

Adding Vst in the zip along with the rns is quite a bad idea too ( and there will problem due to copyright issue)

my suggestion was different.
each of us could write a 5-10 selection of FREE vsti / vst,
then we chose the 10- 15 “MUST HAVEs”.
then we link them to their page and every good renoise scholar makes his own homework and download them.

so we all have a (larger ) common Vst basis.

doing so most of the rns will need no extra download. to listen .rns
or maybe we will need only some extra download. ( which can be mentioned in the text area (from 1.5)

i guess that is a solution to have a little more “scence”.

many trackers will not suit this “dogma” but i think that each .rns released is ONE .rns gained :slight_smile:

ciao rotello

ps. at the moment i vote for:

  • Synth 1
  • Loolalite
  • Mysterion

yeah that’s another point. my audigy can’t playback 96khz… if i do, i’d probably hear strange low-octaved music… hehe