Remapping note keys by relative pitch

Hi, I’m not a Renoise user, but I was hoping it was possible to remap the note keys by relative pitch so that the tonic is always key [X], the supertonic [Y], the mediant [Z], etc. Am I to understand this isn’t possible?

P.S. I don’t mean forcing notes into a given scale (I want all the chromatic pitches to be available) or composing in C or whatever and transposing after the fact. I mean choosing a pitch as the tonic and having the QWERTY keys remapped accordingly. Is this not possible even through scripting?

No, this is not possible from Renoise.

It is possible if you build a LUA tool on purpose for this need, starting with version 3.2.0. And you will have to depend on it. For example, if the tool is a floating window, it should be in the foreground. But this has an advantage. You can use the notes assigned by default in Renoise or select the tool window to use your custom settings. It is perfectly possible.

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