Remaster of a song of mine, "Corner Atmospheres"

Hey hey. It’s been forever and 2 days since I posted a song on the Renoise forum. But this song kinda goes “back to my roots”, as it is one of the first songs I made in Renoise, back in 2005. :slight_smile:

I think the remaster came out well, it is nice to hear a more lush, balanced mix, and be able to say “Yes, I have progressed with my skills”.

2014 Remastered version:

2005 Original version:


Love that vibe


Thanks dude!!1


cool that your sharing this comparison. That’s interesting. On the other hand I quite like the old version, since it sounds more dynamical to me…

And maybe the super saw pads and the lead could get some attack and a lower sustain value, so they also get more dynamics? And the super saw somehow squeaks on high frequencies, maybe a phaser, slight chorus or even reverb could smooth it a bit?

I agree the old one is more dynamic.

The mastering seems to been done beter.

The lead doesn’t stick out that much and gives it a more laidback feeling.

The drums also sound beter. It almost sound like there were downgraded in the new version.

I have also tried remaking great tracks from the past but that always end up in a disapointment for me.


Oh well, this is why I am “practicing”… :slight_smile: Appreciate the honest feedback. Now I’m working on remastering a song from 1999. Hopefully it will come out less “sucks” and more “rocks” :slight_smile:

Hey organic io,

I now listened on speakers (before only headphones), and yes the remaster I would say is definitively the fresher, more brilliant and better version. So forget my first post :slight_smile:

e.g. the drums sound much better. I think the only thing I would to query is the bass, the lead and the super saw chords. Not the sound of it, only the dynamics, because they all miss some kind of dynamics / seem to sound too maximized, like little attack, lower or shorter sustain, some release or something. But maybe it’s just a question of taste.

Your track definitely is good work!