Remdebug 2.0: Attempt To Yield Across Metamethod/C-Call Boundary

When trying use RemDebug 2.0, which part of LueEclipse 1.3, error appears:

attempt to yield across metamethod/C-call boundary  

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enable in RemDebug 2.0 debug prints
  2. Enable in RemDebug 2.0 print to log file
  3. Run RemDebug 2.0 from xrnx

Debugger doesn’t work. Reason: attempt to yield across metamethod/C-call boundary

Platform: windows 7 64bit
Renoise: 2.6.0 b7

Lua must be patched with CoCo patch:

Can I expect patched lua in next beta?
Thank you.

Sorry, I don’t think its a good idea to patch Lua at this stage. The final 2.6 release is very near, so we should be as carefully as possible and avoid throwing in untested stuff at that level.

But we anyway had planed to use LuaJit 2, as soon as it gets stable. From our tests LuaJit 1 was till now not really worth the trouble so far, but LuaJit 2 definitely is. We also need a PPC build for OSX, which LuaJit does not support at all.

In any case, very very big thanks for such great platform as Renoise!

:w00t: :drummer: :walkman:

For everyone who interested in use remdebug 2.0
Workaround is to change

success, result = xpcall(callFunc, grabStacktrace)  

in engine.lua in debugger_loop function to

success, result = true, callFunc()  


Working around pcalls on serious events (even though pcalls are not the best solution to critical error trapping either) can be dangerous…
At least don’t RemDebug with important unsaved songs in memory.

This below solution worked for me but script did not pause at the breakpoint.

success, result = true, callFunc()

adding this line simply runs the lua script instead of debugging

kindly share the solution for this if any