Remdebug: Windows Cant Find Lua??

i just tried running the debugging test script,and copy-pasted the test script as explained into test.lua

but when i hit execute i get the following message

have included a image

and then i get a message about windows cant find LUA?

come to think about it,do i need to have the xrnxscriptingstarterpack in the renoise folder??right now i only have it in documents

dont know if that has anything to do with the message??

EDIT:DOOOH i didnt have LUA installed,damn i feel stupid,it must be the heat :rolleyes:

Forget debugging please - for now. This is complicated, and will be rarely used at all. Most of the time all you need to debug is “print”.

If you want to play around with the API, then use the console, then write some small test scripts and print things. One thing after the other.
If you re new to programming, or Lua, or both, the Renoise API is really not a good thing to start with. Scripting is complicated. Pprogramming is. It never was meant to be easy. And most of the time it can not be.

would be nice to have some low-level tutorials for the newbs that would like to learn this stuff


I was in the same boat as you when I first started alpha testing the scripting and I have to concur with taktik about the difficulty of the task. However it is not impossible with patience and I feel I am progressing at a reasonable pace now.

For an overview of basic programming I found these tutorials useful. They are C and not Lua but a lot of the principles are similar for control structures etc.

(the rest of the series is listed on the right of the page)

There is also this basic Lua tutorial here (some spelling errors but the code seems good enough)

I will try to keep an eye on this thread also if helpful

HTH and good luck :)

No probs here`s another one that I remember being useful too: