Remember chosen VSTi channel & preset

Apparently, Renoise does not remember, which VSTi channel and preset were used in a song. Because of that, each time I reopen a song, I again have to set the VST instrument’s channel and preset from the VSTi-s default to whatever it actually should be. <_< I mean, if RN can get the preset/chnl name/number from the VSTi, then it’s just a matter of saving/loading that number in .rns, isn’t it?

which VSTi causes this problem to you?

I’ve used Kontakt, Halion, Tiangle II, Pentagon, SampleTank, TERA, LoungeLizard and I’ve never had such a problem.

Also, every VSTi user here seem not to suffer of it, so it can’t be a general bug.

Kiste: I know the problem is on some VSTi’s like EDIROLs softsynths (HyperCanavas, Quartet, Orchestra) … but i think it’s on the hand of the VSTi coder too … but i think a full featured VST-preset-handling is missing in Renoise too …

OR WHAT?! TAKTIK?! say something ;)

Yes, the VST in question is Edirol Orchestra.

Do you use any other VSTs? I know of many VSTs that crash my
computer while attemping to use them, open editor, etc.

Should I lay the blame on renoise? Seeing as though the majority
save edited settings I would assume the VST you are using isn’t
written very well.

Is it impossible to get the same sound out of the dozens of other
VSTs available?

yes Edirol Orchestra … my opinion is the Edirol stuff isn’t good coded … and you must save the settings in the Orchestra window and reload it after loading the Renoise song … it’s a little bit pity coz the Edirol sounds are not bad … i know i know :(

which VSTi’s? at the moment on my side only SampleTank crashes all other well known work fine!

Boy, am I ever sad to hear that… :( Edirol Orchestra VST might be the best thing there is for making symphonic music, unless you’re into buying $3000 sample collections… Any alternatives you know of?

not really … there are great sample-cd and great softsamplers e.g. Kontakt (akai-compatible) … also for me Orchestra was a hope for good natural sounds without out using memory-intensive samples with kontakt … maybe future Renoise versions can handle the problem with EDIROLs synths …
i don’t know any Orchestra-compareable synth … so much synths for electronic sounds … not so much for natural sounds …

spectrasonics atmosphere has very good strings! but it also cost like a whole synth…

i noticed renoise doesn’t save the whole bank with the song but only the current patch.

yes, but this are not natural strings … not really … B)
(and no single cello or violin etc.)

Hoo-hum, I must’ve overlooked it, but Edirol VSTis’ channels actually do get saved, so the problem is only with presets.

My orchestral expansion for my Roland JV2080 has very good cellos and violins :D