Remember Last Used Path For Each Vst

As the topic says it would be quite handy, if Renoise would remember the last used path for browsing FXP/FXB files for each VST independently, maybe a new column in the database can be used for that. A more simple trade off might be the usage of the installed plugin path stored already in the VST database as default browsing folder.

Sorry for bumping, but no one interested in this? Here is an example of the current situation.

Loading a preset for the first VST starts at my own files, so i have to browse to:

c: -> programs -> vst plugins -> filterbank 3 folder -> own presets folder (5 clicks or 6 including actual loading)

Next VST would require:

folder up -> folder up again -> firebird+ folder -> own presets folder (4 clicks or 5 including actual loading)

Another thing is, while browsing a while and have the song playing in the background Renoise often glitches a little here.


The suggestion makes sense, but I don’t load presets that often to really miss this feature.

And just in case you didn’t know: You can customize the left part of the file load menu in Windows, which is called the Places Bar. (You can do this with either some registry tweaks or some programs like TweakUI…)

Please no. :P I use a totally different path for presets (my ‘samples’ folder) and that really wouldn’t help.

Yes, i know about that, but still it would be more comfortable if it would simly remember the last used folder.

Haha, somehow i knew that would come up, it’s simply what a lot of VSTs internal browsers do, so i have moved my preset stuff into the VST folder. I had them extra on my sample disk too before that. :)