Remember Mutes When Solo/Unsoloing

If I have a few tracks muted, and then quickly want to solo some other track, when unsoloing that track again, all the previously muted tracks get unmuted too. It would be nice if Renoise could remember the muted states of these when unsoloing.

Why not use the Pattern matrix for these situations? It does that particular job perfectly…

Yep, that is one workaround but it requires you to mute all the patterns in a track individually. Can this be done with a MIDI-mappable one-click?

You can assign one controller to more than one option. So iff you want one of your MIDI controller buttons to activate multiple tracks in multiple patterns, you can program these so. (Check the “Allow mapping the same note/cc more than once” option to enable multiassignment)
It is still a bit of craftmenship to insert these mappings though and not handy if you want this for quick temporary reasons.

Yes, I’d imagine you’d have to redo the mapping once you add more patterns to your track as well.

So I’ll stand by my original feature request. :)

(Ableton Live handles it that way and it works very nicely.)

vV, do you ever get time to work on any music? You’re always around to answer questions! ;)

No not much lately. Too much work in real life to get some decent time for composing. Also the answering questions is getting less as well due to that.