Remember Octave


say you’ve been playing in octave 1 with the autocaptured instrument on one track, and on another track you were playing in octave 2. Now if you change the track, autocapture will select the instrument you were using on the other track. It would be nice if the previously chosen octave could be set automatically, too.

In short: It would be great if Renoise could remember the octave just the way autocapture works when you’re selecting tracks.

In my opinion this wouldn’t be a disadvantage to others since anyone could change the desired octave on a track which would be remembered during one whole session.

How do you think about this?


Agreed, being able to set a certain octave to each track would be a great help.


Set the root key of those instruments.

+1. Wise idea.

Not agreed. Octave might change frequently during record. It would be really a waste of time if you change the base note each time.

Thanks guys.

heseiken, unfortunately setting the root key of an instrument doesn’t work out for this. One problem is the one Ashkan has mentioned above. Another problem is that you’d save the whole song with that changed instrument root key. Say you want to play your instrument in a lower octave during 15 patterns and later you want to play the same instrument in a higher octave. Anytime you change the base note you’d change the earlier 15 patterns, too. It affects the whole song. And my power of imagination is not that good to know how to set the base octave of a loaded instrument right from the start. I’d need help from the software here which is also a reason for this suggestion.

But you probably dont want it if you are using a midikeyboard…

splajn, you might be right if Renoise’s octave setting considers the midikeyboard, too.
I can’t remember the behaviour because the last time I used Renoise together with a midi keyboard was five years ago. I think it was v1.26 .
In case you’re right I’m taking the suggestion back.