Remember Sampler Zoom And Selections

Hello ppl

During my music making using latest Renoise, I found something that will make my life easier.

For example, I have large [~3 minutes long] guitar sample loaded into slot 1. Then I zoom sample in a lot, mark part I want to copy or cut, and copy selection to new sample. do it and when bring back to the last edited sample - it is displayed at “fit to window” zoom… I mean - everything is reset and I will have to find where I was and zoom again & start marking sample and cutting new one from beginning…

What do you think to implement into the code possibility to Renoise sampler remember each sample zoom and selection?

It will make work much much easier…

Thanx & all best :)

this should be optional

All it needs is a little button/shortcut to reset zoom and clear selection.

there already is a button that resets the view in the sample editor, not sure what you mean with clear selection…but I have to investigate my sample editor zooming workflow if this feature request isn’t irritating by default. I mean, having to press the reset button every time you want to look at the full waveform can get tiresome quickly :)

Very true. May less irritating than having to rezoom and select each time when you are cutting up a break or something though. Maybe a little check-box toggle would be worthwhile…

Although you’re not often going to have been zoomed in so you wont have to reset view as it will already be zoomed out so don’t think it will actually turn out to be that annoying.

check-box toggle!!! yess!
this would be so fantastic. Renoise is so great for chopping up samples but I have the same problem. I really dig the 4 clipboards but this would way more useful.

Either in the main preferences or below each sample, “Hold-Sample-Zoom” toggle box, +yes!