Remix Amiga and other

Hi all,

Try to find “MrPhenix80” on youtube and you’ll can hear all my remixes made with last renoise version.



It’s weird… haven’t heard Turrican music in yeeears, but I still knew it by heart. Ah… the memories!

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Ahh Turrican 2 theme… probably my favorite song on Amiga. Nice remix! Will definitely check the others too.

Hola :crazy_face: … you are in my Sandbox … :space_invader: :robot:take care!! i come back !!! for fight !! :wink:

Hey Phenix-80,

I would recommend uploading your remixes (or remakes) here: (Amiga only) (C64 only)
It’s the best place for your remixes and remakes in the whole internet. And the scene is big enough, you will receive feedback for sure. Every year there’s also a voting for the “remixer of the year” in several categories, and if you win you will get a kind of cup. It can look like this:

Almost 10 years ago I also remixed a few things from the scene. Here’s an unmastered track (Elvira Mistress of the Dark Loader Theme from Amiga) from 2011, which I probably made with Skaletracker before I switched to Renoise. The last remix I made 2,5 years ago in Renoise was a wish of a friend of mine, and it sounds like this:

Here’s the original for comparison:

Nice, great remix. But I always wanted to remix that ingame music in the plaque, which was in many cracktros. So nice! But never did that hehe. Reminds me so much of c64 and so: