Remix - Computer Issues

Well, I recently finished a track of mine. It’s basically a pop/rock track.
And I’m sharing the stems with the community! I want to see some badass freaking remixes out of this song!
Some stuff has been removed from the stems; some eq’s, cromps, volume automations, pan auomations (just to make the handling of these samples from your side a lot easier)

Good luck!

Direct link:

I’m itching to get started (pack is already downloading), but when is the deadline? Any incentive to join (i.e: prizes, recognition, appearance on a compilation, etc.)?

Ah sorry. Well I won’t put a deadline. But one or more of the best remixes will hopefully feature on my next release! Other than that nothing no. But you don’t even have to remix it really. Use anything as you like in your own music etc. I don’t mind! :)

Downloaded the samplepack. I’ll try something, but I’m not promising anything due to no productivity right now.