Remix Contest Entry...

Hey, this guy named Delario is holding a remix competition and since it’s a rap song, I’m entering as a chance to prove my hip hop making meddle since I’ve been producing it a lot lately as practice.

Anyway, it’s unfinished at the moment, but it’s done entirely in renoise (and since I got a new computer, I can use VSTs…this one uses Classic Filter and Classic Delay…btw ReNoise crew…you really need to copy the sound of these two items…they sound GOOD…at least add a filter to your delay, dammit!)

Regardless, here’s what I have so far. It’s a song called ‘That’s Cool’. The lyrics concern the rapper’s philosophy of doing your own thing without regard to other people’s opinions.…l_hsmixwip1.mp3

Feedback would be nice. I found out about the contest super late in the game, so I only have a total of 3 days to do it. I did all of this MP3 today…about half way done with laying the foundation down. Hopefully I’ll finish laying it down tomorrow and the last day, I’ll add details and mix it down a little better…


it’s sick so far HS. keep being funky

Quick update…worked on it a bit more…not much more added, but the lyrics are in all the way.…l_hsmixwip2.mp3

wip1: Phat & funky
wip2: Phat & funky (liking the additional scratching + break section near the end)

Good luck winning this!

Hey, update…I won the remix contest. Whoot! And with an unpolished track to boot! :D

Check out the other 9 finalists……06&Itemid=2

BTW, the remix was done entirely with ReNoise with the exception of Classic Delay (because it has the filter feedback…)

nice work. giev more hip hop :)