Remix contests/open calls

So it seems whenever the idea of remixing something piques my interest I’ve missed loads of cool contests where the stems are provided. Any regulars here? Where are the good places to find out when a worthwhile remix contest comes along. I’m thinking remixes of the likes of radiohead, bjork, good electronic artists etc etc etc.

Never tried these, but take a look:

Thanks! I actually just dug a little deeper into remixcomps and found that there was some decent stuff up.

You’ve got to keep an eye on Beatport’s homepage. I also notice these contests on Reverbnation, and indaba music… FYI sometimes Reverbnation and Indaba are charging money to take part in their promotions and contests.

I also think I should add, “recently I decided to permanently cancel my reverbnation account. I’ve got an indaba music account… I hardly ever log in. I almost can’t even be bothered to cancel it… canceling it is on my, list of things to do.

Good luck

That sounds stupid regarding contests, people are doing quite some job there, the worst thing that should happen is that the work doesn’t bring up any benefit but certainly not any loss.

aye… the music landscape is so weird right now… its like, “the wild, wild west,” right now :unsure:

The last time i tried to enter a Beatport remix contest (~3-4 yrs ago) they charged for the download of every individual stem, and i think it was ~5€ for the whole package back then. Has this changed?

The last time I cared the John Lennon songwriting contest was $100 to enter…

I have some Beyonce vocals (encumbered of course) from an Indaba contest I didn’t enter.