Remix Me

Maybe you want to breakcore me ;)

It’s just a funcompo :)

It does sound like fun. I’ll get something together before the deadline :D

what are you thinking about when saying: DO NOT SEND ME MP3 files.
you mean you only want the XRNS? i didn’t quite get it.

Don’t send the mp3 per email, upload the mp3 somewhere and send the link to the mp3 per email.

Exactly :)

Ah, Righty-O! then i see, yes yes, exactly, understand, good to know,
what i thought. err… why do i feel like a dofus. :]

So, I just added a submission-form to this remix-stuff. :) It’s not pretty but it works ;)

Lets see, working on something else now but I’ll try to keep this in mind

Pushing threads is a bad habit and this is the first and last time, I will do that but I’d be really happy to listen to interpretations from you of my music

So, only a few days left… ;)

ah, now thats something Im into.
I am looking forward to work with that :slight_smile:
Expect something reel weird ;D
gonna do my best ( in 5 days XD)
see ya and thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

LOL - I got exactly ZERO remixes :) Okay, that was fun to do.

I almost feel sorry that I didn’t join :huh:

Hmm, I feel even more sorry for going “yeah, do a compo” and then not getting past playing around a bit… to be honest, I’m not using Renoise a lot these days, I’m too busy writing lyrics… music’s kinda like a cold iron to me right now, if you know what I mean… still, sorry.