I am lacking ideas at the moment and just wondered if anyone out there wanted me to make a drum and bass remix of anything they’ve done?

Just for fun!

We could even swop and you could remix one of my d&b tracks into which ever style you’re into.

Or you could just read this post and move on…

32 looked so far and everyone has just moved on!!

Surely someone has something they don’t mind me ruining, any style anything and I mean anything even your sister banging on some saucepans whilst your mum plays elastic band bass, I don’t care - someone anyone???

Oh go on you know you want to!!!


Maybe not then…move along please

73 people have moved on and counting…I wonder what the count for the most read most unreplied to post ever is?

There is now three replies to this post.
And you have two of them :)

Remixes are cool. You may remix my last when it’s finished.
I’d like to hear that B)

Wanna do a remix of this? :lol:…disko_break.mp3

Send me a private message with instructions on how I can bring you the rns file


Keep me informed mate!

I’m sure I’ve got a couple of tracks, if you have a mail account that can handle big files (under 10 meg…), I can send you a couple, howzat? One is melodic, one is techno. Would LOVE to see them both remixed! :)

Give me mail address or place to upload, and I will give it to you

you can remix my latest track if you wish. ill post up the sample for you.

actually heres a link to the rns,

lemme know if you do anything with it.

harry, i also got one. Tell me if you are interested

I am lacking idea’s also… So… I have an idea…
Let’s all download Beatrepublic’s track, remix it, then post what we come up with (If it’s worth posting) :D
Ummm… It doesn’t seem to be downloading ?