Remixed A Song Idea

Though I know the mix is much too long (and got some disturbing windows live messenger signals in it - sorry for that) I just wanted to show you the idea.
Because I’m addicted to it. :slight_smile:

Done with renoise 2.7.2, Korg M3, Yamaha CS1X and only Superwave P8 plugins and samples I created myself. :wink:


At least I enjoyed it. Because though it’s too long, I find it to sound great.

Any other opinion yet?
I love it. :slight_smile:

Now, this is what I would call an “Extended Version” ;)
Those MSN sounds, are they in the mix by accident because you recorded the whole computer output, or was it just for fun? Reason I ask, is that they actually kinda fit in, strictly harmony-wise, in that minor scale that you got going on, hehe.

No, but seriously, I guess this could turn into a decent trance tune, if you manage to arrange it all down to a few minutes, tighten up everything, work on some thought-out build-ups, etc etc
However, it sounds very “generic”… maybe you could add something that would give it a more personal and original signature?

Those MSN sounds are accidentally and I knew while recording they would be in there. But you’re right. Funny enough it seems to fit.

Does this still sound very generic?

Otherwise I missed something. :wink:

I did another remix after tightening and working out and got now something I could turn it into:

I think I’ll call it DISCO BITCH