alright there…

just wondering if anyone fancies swapping remixes… i’ve been using renoise for best part of two years now and i have well over a hundred songs finished, but to date, i’ve only had three of them remixed… and two of them were the same track by different people… :( i have, however, done remixes for other people, though not for anyone using renoise…

anyway - i mainly do breakbeat, but i also dabble with all sorts of other stuff: techno, hiphop, jungle, rave, industrial, punk… even the odd waltz… :P

most of my tracks are available here:

if anyone is interested in exchanging remixes, drop me a line at

ta… B)

I’ll look into your soundclick tracks today or tomorrow.

Maybe i’m interested.

Could be interesting. Most my stuff so far has been pretty noisey. To be honest only really just got back into it so just experimenting to find what works. Would be cool to work on more colabs though…

sweet. :D