Remixta 24H Compo

I got 13 entries!

Thanks for everyone for being a part of this compo!

See you at 16:00 GMT on the live stream! :D

See your local time for the stream @

You do know it’s Sunday?

And the show is over results are on remixta page!

Congrats Kasmo, you also rock without cowbells

Oh this let me down… I was hoping this would be a compo where contestants write 24 hours worth of music. Suva, you fail.

Voting round for this compo would be awesome. :D

oh, just find out that I´ve won Ö.ö
realy can not belief this, i`ve accepted a placing somewhere in the middle, have to listen to the recording now :)

thanks to suva for this nice compo!
and thanks for voting ;)

Nice one Kasmo - banging track son!! Mega thanks to Suva of course for putting it all together, I had a blast!

Well worth a listen to the podcast / vote-pack y’all - some really good tracks in there. In particular ‘Trippel’ and ‘Silts’ blew me away with savage then serene sounds. :walkman:

You got any plans to do another of these suva or was it just a one off type of thing ?