Remixta 24H Compo

Remixta is proud to announce a 24 hour compo starting this Saturday at 12:00 GMT and ending on this sunday at the exact same time. During this time you must download the samplepack, create a song in renoise and upload it to a specified service.

After the tracking and uploading period is over, Remixta will broadcast a live show with all the entries during which you can vote for all the tracks by rating them on a simple scale and when all the tracks are played we will announce the winners too.

Go to to read more.

great idea :)

hope i have time!

Is that 1200 midday (as opposed to 0000 midnight)? Either way looks like it might give me something to do at work this weekend ;)

GMT time is always given in 24h format which means: yes, it’s midday, not midnight.

Anyway if you go to you will be presented with your local time and nice countdown clock.


Would love to participate, but I’m moving my folks this weekend… :( maybe next time… good luck to the competitors!

there will be sample pack? :w00t:

Yes, there will be a samplepack, it will be released when the timer goes to zero :D

The 24h competition begins in less than 45 minutes! After that the samplepack will be released!

I have ṕut pretty cool samples in there, I hope you all enjoy! :D

Go to the to monitor the countdown. :D



1 minute and 18 seconds so far.
See you on the finish line :)

Not had a look, been playing with (or is that fighting with) Linux on my laptop instead…

I’m giving this a go; it will be the first song I’ve made in renoise :)

good luck everybody :)
very funny sample pack btw!

Yeah, but there’s no cowbell Kasmo!! Good for us :D

And we have 15 hours left!

Don’t leave the song upload for the last second as the script takes count of the moment when the upload ends not when it begins. So if the upload ends after the time is up, your song gets discarded.

If you have any problems with uploading to the service, you can use other means to send me the track upload to senduit for example and send me PM. But ONLY if the provided remixta upload service doesn’t work for you, cause the service makes my job simpler. :)


Still more than four hours left to submit your track. If you haven’t started yet, there is also chance, that you can make a tune. 4 hours is a long time. :)

i had no time yesterday, hope i can finish something anyway :)

30 minutes left! Please remember to submit your tracks as soon as possible, as the ones who don’t submit the track in that time will be left out of the voting. :(

Sorry didn’t manage it. Got into work this morning and going to sleep on my desk felt a more pressing matter than tracking :-/