Remixta #7 Airing 2010-02-10 Gmt 16:00

Just like last time, this sunday I am airing The Remixta #7 (renoise podcast) over shoutcast.

Exact details will come, so will the link for the stream.

If you have any questions about remixta or you know great tracks which should be played, post it into this thread!

Change in plans!

Remixta will air at 18:00 UTC/GMT

Here are the times in major world cities:

Everyone is welcome to the IRC too for some fun until the show begins and some chat with me and other Renoise users:

Lazy people use mibbit: (Set server to, channel to #renoise)

Listen to the episode here:

tuned in…

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:


Thanks to everyone for listening, will upload the podcast soon, unfortunately I forgot to press record realizing it about one minute in, so apparently I have to fake that part somehow. :D

darn i missed it! let us know when it’s up

I thought it was on Feb 10, as it shows in the topic title, so I have missed it. If you need to rename threads, please report it to forum administrators

Finally uploaded the episode! Enjoy:

oh i missed that i`m a little bit out of time atm.

suva, thx for playing another tune from me ;)

That’s great news, and yet another great show :) Caught the update on twitter just now, missed the live show.

Thanks for playing my track!

P.S. it’s pronounced psy-ver-gin-s ;)

People who were hanging on Renoise channel, got another treat today - an exclusive 90 minute I put out to test the new streaming server provided by PyH. (cAMEL helped me to find someone who could host that).

High quality stuff. Although totally unplanned and unofficial show, I managed to throw in couple of exclusive tracks, not released elsewhere as of now. ;)