Remixta #8 Airing 2010-03-07 16:00 Utc


Come and listen to Remixta live show this Sunday!

Details are published on and a big button with TUNE IN written on it will appear shortly before the show!

Be there! :D

Just a friendly reminder, that this is today and in less than four hours! :drummer:


Go to to start listening! :D

…tuned in!
:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Me too.

And the show is over. I will try to upload the stuff soon enough. Until then, come to renoise IRC for extra lols and OHC BY KANEEL

And the show is uploaded and you can listen to it here:

Was a bit slow on this. But I listened afterwards and I really enjoyed it. Will be sure to tune-in in the future! Good job!