Remixta Compilation Release


Rules to enter:

  • Track must be original. Not a remix nor a cover.
  • Track must NOT be previously released.
  • EDM genre: Techno, house, drum and bass, electro, etc. We are aiming for more dance style release, so no wild glitch, idm or breakcore please. Original/fusion/cross-genre stuff is very welcome, as long as it has a solid beat.
  • You may not be a member of any copyright society, like GEMA, SACD, etc.
  • You must provide an unmastered version with headroom. All tracks will get unified master from a professional mastering studio.

To enter, send the track and following details to

  1. Track title
  2. Artist name (displayed)
  3. Real names of everyone involved in creation of the track (not displayed, needed for copyright stuff)
  4. Your country of origin.
  5. Your valid contact details, also a phone number if possible.

There will be preselection, based on quality and suitability with other tracks. Artists left out will be notified. All artists will receive their share of the profits (if there is any) and some free copies of the physical release (if there will be any). Release will be made available when it’s ready, in all appropriate formats, and distributed on wide range of channels.

Any questions here or to the email. :)

sounds fun! when is the deadline? can an artist submit more than one track to increase their chance of having a track included?

No deadline, but I will let you know when we have enough tracks for a release.

Yes you can submit as many tracks as you want, but they MUST NOT BE RELEASED before. Including not fully available on your SoundCloud page or something similar. I’ll give some slack with the last rule, but still I would prefer new music.

are you okay with harsh stuff like hardcore/ drum’n’bass ?

what kind of distribution have you got ? cd ? vinyl ? digital ?

Digital for sure, other formats depend on the music I get. I have distribution options for different genres, so we will see.

Harsh stuff is cool too. Just send anything which is cool enough. :)

Nobody cares about experimental, right? <_<

Quite the contrary. I would say at least 85% of netlabel releases are glitch/idm/experimental. As much so, it is really hard to call it “experimental” anymore. At least in free releases, it seems to be the mainstream genre. That’s the main reason I don’t want that sort of stuff.

But as said: decision is made on track per track basis, but I would prefer an EDM genre with a solid beat.

What about instrumental Hip Hop?

Yes, instrumental hip hop is very welcome.


I’d definitely like to enter, but will get to making a new track only as early as the next weekend. :D

This is really cool. Thanks for letting all know Suva and I’ll try and extend some wicked loops to become… real songs. :D

One more question, Suva, how d’you think about beats, I mean, I assume a submission if it ends up on the compilation is still mine technically and I would not later on have a problem if I want to include on another album or in another form with vocals on it etc?
Just very annoying point that I don’t want to ‘give away’ a song or sth :)

You will keep the copyrights of your song, so you are allowed to do whatever with it. But I’d prefer you not releasing the song elsewhere before the compilation is put together.

Of course of course, I’m just thinking what if I get ideas from it hundred years later you know?! :D thx

Cas… I love the work your doing. your pages are really fucking bad ass.

I will be submitting for this, been waiting for an opportunity to release off the label ;) I got some hip hip that is truly original, hope it works for you… =)

Whatr about some Drag… you cool with a drag track aswell?

In case some dont know Drag… Clickie me ;)

Sounds good.

You know what, let’s just forget about the genres and you guys send me anything you think is cool enough. I will later see which suits well together. :)


What about explicit lyrics? Got some “bad ass” title - yes, “bad ass” <- that’s the title and also repeats as part of the lyrics…

Too explicit?

So…what happened to this?