Remixta Ep. 6 Live Recording

Remixta Episode 6 is broadcast live at 16:00 GMT over Shoutcast. Be there to listen!

Yeah, that’s right. This time I am going to broadcast the recording of the show itself over Shoutcast.

To listen you need, winamp, iTunes, rhythmbox, or any other music player capable of playing shoutcast stream with AAC+ encoding.

The link to tune in will be posted in this forum and Renoise IRC shortly before the broadcast will begin at exactly 16:00 GMT.

The recorded show will be uploaded to later in 192kbps mp3 format.

You can all join in for fun and chat on Renoise IRC during the show

You can still recommend me the songs you want to be played before the show in this thread or with PM. You can also request songs during the show, but don’t expect all the requests to be fulfilled. ;)

So be prepared! :D

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

If you don’t know what 16:00 GMT is in your time here is a helpful table for that:

The stream is live NOW!


Playing remixta episode 5 until 16:00 gmt when the live show will begin.

Did I mention that the listeners are limited?

Grab your seat now or you will miss it! :D

I got mine… :)

I’m in since some minutes!

heyhey thanks suva, this was fun :D , listening the stream while being in irc #renoise

The show can be listened from now. Thanks to everyone for listening. :)

Don’t worry, your time will come sooner than you might expect!

For long time I have thought of separating the show somehow to two different parts. One for ambient-chillout and other nicer kind of musics and one for hard hitting dance music. How exactly to do that, I haven’t figured out yet, that’s why I have left many good tracks unplayed, or given them less spotlight then they would deserve.

Sickness!! Very surprising tracklist, dary dubby :) Thanks a kazillion for the support, Suva!

+500 to Suva! Thanks for putting my track at the start of the show! :D I’ll have a good listen soon…

I’ve been waiting for a new Remixta for a long time and episode 6 didn’t disappoint! Thanks, Suva! Great show/mix, as always.

Noooooooo!!! I missed it… or rhythmbox won’t connect… or something

You only missed it by 22 days. :)

Thanks for playing my Neurobash-remix in this issue. I did some googling and found it that way. Strange, I thought I was subscribed to the remixta rss, but apparently not. Anyway, I am now. :)