Remixta: Episode 2 Now Airing!

On popular demand we are doing Ambient / Chillout podcast, so expect lot slower tempos and lot more of chillness. Most tracks are released in the past month, but not all of them. Specially surprising stuff is by Xerxes who is in the show with two remixes.

As for news. We have 192kbps bitrate now, a better radio voice(!) and new domain, powered by the Hostgator, providing us with much higher bandwidth. So get on listening. And let me know if you liked/didn’t like something so we have more room for improvement.

I had many more tracks to play this month, but unfortunately, I exceeded the time limits. So I may actually do another podcast this month, bringing you more rhythmic stuff. :)

Anyway, enjoy the podcast!

Great job, suva! very good show :) Thanks for doing this.

192k! Yayy!! I’m enjoying it so far :D

Yay, I have cute voice! :)

Fantastic show. Keep em coming :)

Once again, great job on this. Thanks very much for the promotion!

Good to hear stuff I normally wouldn’t find out about via this podcast.

Remixta is definitely a very nice ressource for finding out about tracks from the renoise community that would maybe slip under the radar. I really really like what you do, so keep rocking!

Fantastic Podcast!!

I would love to get a track I made on there…

If you want your tracks to be played on Remixta, either release them on Renoise boards or send me as private message. ;)

Hi Suva, first of all the compulsory (and deserved) greetings for your initiative.

I have a suggestion: I don’t know how other similar podcasts work, as I never listen to them (I actually don’t even know what exactly a podcast is), but I wonder if it would feasible to release the podcast in the form of a m3u playlist and each song (plus vocal intro) stored in a single MP3 file with artist info in the ID3 tags.

Indeed great initiative! A great way for Renoisers to listen to a great selection of songs and a great way for listeners to hear the spawns of a specific community. All for the love of music, music loves you back :)

Apparently not more speed. Download is crawling at 23kbs :)

The download speed varies on many different conditions. Including the server load, your connection, your international link speed, etc. Generally hostgator is much faster for 99.9% of listeners than my previous host was. Although you may have gotten faster downloads before, as you are from Finland and previous hosting was in Estonia.

Most Remixta listeners apparently come from US of A, meaning they are getting the fat end of the pipe.

In my tests I got 10MB/s speeds and faster. So it really varies.

Didn’t want to reply from work as I have Long Reply[TM] to provide.

Podcast is basically on demand radioshow internet broadcast. The original purpose was to sync podcasts with your iPod. Basically a software (podcatcher) such as iTunes downloads the new shows automatically based on the RSS feed and automatically uploads them to your iPod when you connect the device (or in case of wifi devices, are in proximity of the computer). Since the file format is just plain MP3 nowadays you can use it with other devices other than ipod, including memory sticks for car stereo. Also many other podcatchers are available other than iTunes. For example I use winamp to sync my podcasts to my MP3 player.

So the idea is. Whenever I want to recharge my MP3 player, I stick it to my computer. While it’s recharging it also updates my music with fresh radioshows and music.

Podcasts can also be listened directly from web page or in any MP3 software player.

Now, why I don’t separate the tracks. There are many reasons.

  1. Podcast players consider one 1 file per RSS entry. And most podcatchers download X latest shows. Usually the number being 5 or so. So it would leave some songs undownloaded.

  2. I do seamless mixing (and maybe some beatmatching in the future) not all MP3 players support seamless playback.

  3. Many people have their MP3 player on Shuffle, that would ruin the whole show or expect people to turn the shuffle off which is annoyance to listener which I don’t want.

  4. I discourage skipping. The point of Remixta is to introduce cool music you might not have heard before. If skipping is too easy, people might just skip to next track if they THINK the track is not that good.

  5. Remixta, unlike it’s predecessor Reselektor, carries a radioshow format. It’s not only about the tracks, it’s about the mix, about the things I say, (future) interviews and all that stuff. It’s a soup, not a salad bar. ;)

The alternative to what you might want is the Enhanced Podcast format by Apple. It basically contains “Chapter” information like DVD, allows skipping between chapters and custom titles for chapters. I may make enhanced podcast in future as alternative, but I can’t make it the main thing as only iPod and some software players can play it.

thanks for your reply, I see all of your points.
I didn’t want to skip the songs anyway :) it’s just that having ID3 info about the authors would help promoting them if you listen to the podcast using a device which sends info to, but your reply has clarified me why this is not possible to do.

Nice work Suva, I took a listen on pt2 on the busride to work this morning. It is a really nice way to hear what’s going on in the Renoise-community without scanning all the music threads on a daily basis. :)

Yet another mighty fine mix! Looking forward to the next one :yeah:

Cool! I’m back to the forum and I found this… great work, Suva!

I was wondering what specific software/hardware was used in the production of the podcast. Can you enlighten us about it?

Thank you.

Stuff for episode three.

Software: Ardour 2 running on Ubuntu 8.10
Hardware: Shure SM58, Behringer mic preamp, M-Audio Fast Track pro. Behringer monitors.

I don’t remember what I used for second episode, only the mic was same. And first was different mic, different soundcard but the same mic preamp.

Thats a very cool site you have, immediately got registered for the podcasts.
Thanks for the credits!!

Falling asleep?? WTF!! ;) ;)