Remixta: Episode 3

This time we have collected lots of great and high quality music. The episode seems to slant towards more atmospheric, and even a bit to darker atmospheres, but we also have some happier stuff that makes you want to dance around the room (or at least nudge your head a little bit).

For showcasing, we got our hands on the brand new album by Saine, I couldn’t wait to play it, truly amazing stuff. This is the album of the month (and also album of the year in my opinion). Also, we have exclusive track from Beatslaughter’s upcoming album. This time into IDM genre, but ofcourse with the touch of his other styles, making it one of the most interesting IDM releases I have ever heard.

No more waiting, start listening.

R E M I X T A . N E T

Argh, something leaked! :D

cool, another fine selection


Awesome :w00t:

Yay, front page!

Thanks, Bantai. :D

Me and Saine went to the same Polytechnic school. He’s graduated already, I’m still working on it… :)
Nice listen this was!

Is that to say that Suva didn’t ask permission before posting your track? If so, Suva… we can’t very well have you posting stuff that wasn’t meant to be public domain … it could reflect badly on Renoise, no? I think it would be wise to check with all the artists before using their songs ;)

No, Beatslaughter personally “leaked” the song to play. The reason why we used the word “leak” was to make things more interesting. ;)

oic :P

:w00t: Yay!

Yes, Suva is doing nothing wrong here. They day i gave him the song we were just having some fun regarding that leaking topic in IRC. That’s why i’ve made that comment. :)

good show! keep it up

I always reserve this to the weekend, looking forward to it :D
Been always awesome!
keep it up :D

Great collection gentlemen

Bantai, I’ve got one thing to say about the news items. For each episode you highlight one track, claiming it’s the ‘best’ track of the mix. This is just wrong imo… saying something is the best is completely subjective and will not always correspondent with other people’s opinions.

But… if Suva told you to use the highlights, you can forgot what I said ofcourse ;)

Nice one, best episode yet. I mean, most suited to my tastes. :P

Well, the tracks that are highlighted are the “showcase” tracks and they are highlighted by me for totally subjective reasons. (This time Saine got special mention, because he just released an excellent album I believe everyone shoud buy. :D)

So it’s not decided by Bantai apparently, he just carried the thought from my original post to the renoise news item. :)

I am not going to treat all the tracks equally. They are all great, or else I wouldn’t play them, but I will always hilight some tracks that I see more important than others for whatever reasons are currently actual.

Which track is your favorite in the mix is always subjective, and of course everyone is free and encouraged to share their opinion about the tracks, go ahead and post your favourite tracks to the episode thread.

In my opinion the other track that also deserves special mention is the one by Aflare (can’t get the lyrics out of my head). This track was also much appreciated by many listeners. Also I really liked the one by Derek, really catchy groove he got in there.

I’m very sorry, but blah blah blah. Self-evidence, dude. Let me guess, you’d be happy if there was the phrase “in my opinion” included? Self-evidence, dude. No offense though, so don’t hate me 'cos I think you’re still cool. :)

I don’t get the “self-evidence” thing, maybe because my english is not so good…

But no, putting “in my opinion” behind it would be rather awkward. It’s a news item and those should be never subjective.

Oh… and my favorite track is obviously Aflare’s track :)

Yeah, the news item is basically advertising. Renoise site is not really objective news source, nor is it supposed to be. There are reasons why I picked those tracks to hilight, and I don’t think they will any way influence the peoples opinion about the other tracks played there.

Aflare track was also hilighted in a way. It was the first track in the podcast thus gets most plays ever. No need to bring it out specially on my page. :)

Wicked mix as usual.

This is really shaping up to be the thing to get on.

I suspect in a year or so, you will be the major Renoise artist go to. I wonder if any other software DAW has such a podcast… Doubt it.