Remixta Needs Your Help!


I have gotten into some sucky situation, I missed the notification on due bill because I had used email which is no longer valid. And now when the host has gone down, my credit card has expired and I can’t get new one not before the next month. So in other means I have no means to transfer money onto my paypal account.

So I am asking you. who like Remixta and would like to see me continuing my work, for a small donation. The amount due is just $90 (64€), so I don’t need much! If just few people donate me 10€ each, the problem should be solved quickly!

My PayPal address is: Funds already raised, thanks to everyone!

Thanks a lot! I will definitely figure out some cool way to show my gratitude to anyone who donates!

sent you some euros. good luck!

Thank you all, who have donated so far:

I have received donations from 7 people which makes 84% of funds required, just a few more donations and we are there! :D

I don’t have a paypal account and not planning getting one, a direct moneytransfer to your bankaccount possible?

The thing is, I need the money on my paypal account. And I currently have no means of putting it there, transferring money from bank account to paypal is not supported in estonia unfortunately. :(


Thanks to everyone! All funds raised in just 16 hours!

Renoise community rocks! :)