Remixta: Season 2 Kickoff

Hello everyone, this is DJ Suva from remixta. As the summer has passed busy and sporty, I am now preparing for the next season of Remixta. For this I am asking your help again.

  1. Let me know your favourite tracks from this summer (or winter for the guys from southern hemisphere)! Again, NOT YOUR OWN TRACKS, the tracks made by others you liked!
  2. If you have new cool releases coming out, send me an advance copy.
  3. If you have released some cool stuff this summer, let me know (album/EP releases only, or signed single tracks. If you just have made some cool songs, you are better off posting them into the forums, I am sure to find them if they rock.)
  4. There will be prizes, surprises and lots of other fun involved. :)

The next episode will be recorded in early October, so hurry up!

definetly we want hear in next remixta:

hypeartist - buddha goes clubbing


:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Somewhere in October… favorite tracks from this summer and not our own track and should be made by the other trackers. OK! I’ll Give it a try! ~

I’ll submit some more, but for now I liked this one

Instant Classic imo:…c=21599&hl=
:yeah: :yeah:

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I think Bantai referred to a post in this topic by some bogus user with a spam signature that has already been removed (the post and the user)

I’m a spammer bot and quite succesful, I might add.

I really really enjoyed this, though it’s April, not summer, also not yer average Renoise producte… I guess… but it’s killer!…c=20131&hl=

This is the most recent funkbomb dropped from Finland and it’s been visiting my cd-player on a regular basis:…c=21410&hl=

Even more recent, a fine collection of intensity that few have missed:

Oh yeah, and obviously the entries for Beat Battle 6 !!! … oh wait…