Kaizoku - A Doomed Planet

Hi there! It’s spamtime! Hurrah! So this time we DID jump on the bandwagon and set up a DUBSTEP CREW, for the single sake of making DUBSTEP… with a touch of whatever it is that defines us… So, SINUS SAWTOOTH, DR FEZZ and VIVACE join forces to bring the world YET MORE DUBSTEP! More hurrah!

I know what you’re thinking right now. Well, stop it because it’s not true. We ARE different. Simply because we’re not good enough to make RESO or NOISIA basses, we compensate that lack of knowledge and talent with (what else) DRAMATIC EPICNESS!

Enough babble! Listen and weep!
Kaizoku - A Doomed Planet

On Youtube

Thanks for listening, comments and hatemail most welcome!

Usually I wont listen to music posted unless it’s downloadable but I respect what you put out so gave this a listen.

Not sure if it’s the encoding (what bitrate is used?) but I think the kick needs more presence. The beat seems a little lost when the bass comes in. A little more variation through would help keep my attention but can see it working well on a dancefloor. I do like the vibe you guys have got with it though and overall think it’s a good track.

Just listened to unfinished ravetrack as well and seems to have a slightly muddy mixdown as well.

Bear in mind that above comments are from listening on headphone from built=in output on laptop but I think I have a fairly good idea of what this combination sounds like by now.

Thanks for the listen! I can assure you it’s the encoding of the mp3 that makes the kick fall back, because it’s actually a little too loud… I agree on the variation, the track is more about the concept than it should.

Dunno why Sinus uploaded unfinished ravetrack, but thanks for the feedback. The mix is indeed terrible and the composition awful, but that’s why it’s called ‘unfinished ravetrack’ ;)

Thanks for the comments!

Awesome as usual (this is getting boring! :P)! Recognisable influences of every member… finally some classical stuff from the BotB again :yeah:

Btw, Noisia basses are overrated! This works just as good :walkman:

Fun stuff, although a tad too much on the repetitive side for my current mood. Better than most of the dubbysteppy I’ve heard.

Sounds interesting. Anyway - what is this SoundCloud website for? If it is just for listening, then I will upload some tracks :) I believe they don’t allow downloads, am I right?

aye, unusual mix I hear. I like!

is it me too blind or is there no mp3 download link or something ?

It’s up to you whether you enable downloads or not. You can also select if your tracks are public or only visible to people you allow.

Thanks for the awesome comments, dear people :)

I’m not hosting the track on my own account, but I’ll ask Sinus to
allow downloads for this track (as you might’ve guessed, that’s not
possible at the moment… don’t ask me why…).

More witty weird wobble dubstep from Kaizoku!
Kaizoku - Treasure Hunting

And shameless bmup

needs less 404?

Huh…? Works great here… Soundcloud, problems it has none…?

The soundcloud song is made private probably, but it errors for me aswell.

Problem solved!! Had to do with an account-name-change, links are updated, thanks for pointing out!! :)

I haz made a booboo, url is changed to http://www.soundcloud.com/sinus-sawtooth, sorry for any misunderstanding, official complaints can be filled under Kaizoku’s /dev/null directory

And then, for no apparant reason but TEH DRAMA, “Treasure Hunting” was part of the DSF Competition #15!

If you love us as much as we love you, do vote for the best track! :D

The competition thanks you!

the guy on the left likes this

Very good to hear that, coming from a guy who DOES know his arrangements and compositions :D
Thanks captain!