Remixta Today 16:00 Gmt

That’s right. Best Renoise tunes, in less than two hours.

Check out for details!

Stream is active. Tune in on

Hey suva, it was a cool selection :)
But where’s the tracklist ?

I will upload the episode up soon together with tracklist and some comments. But it will take some time to write all the stuff.

Here is the new episode, enjoy

Thank you for the cool show, really enjoyed it! : )


Thanx :) :yeah:

just pressed play :)

I really like Remixta. Some insanely talented guys making music with renoise. Suva, is it possible at all to get the XRNS source files, MP3s, in a playlist, or something like that? I know you mention them but I’ve been looking for a few of them and don’t know where to find them. Guessing you’ve got some collection somewhere stored up, and it’s a permissions thing for why you haven’t bundled the XRNS?

Great tracks there, thanks for posting.