Remote Controls (macro pages) [feature request]

Bitwig Studio has a great function called remote controls.

You see a big list of all a vst plugin’s parameters and you can assign them one by one to 8 knobs and then create infinite pages of 8 knobs each. The first knob on your midi controller will always turn the first control and the second the second etc as you scroll pages. You select the 8 knobs to use for remote controls in the midi device settings.

It’s like Komplete Kontrol or Nektarine built into Bitwig and mappings are saved by plugin or by preset.

Basically you need 8 visible parameters assigned to 8 knobs and the ability to change which 8 parameters those are with the knobs controlling parameters by slot instead of one knob one control.

Hope this wasn’t confusing!

Anything to get more direct vst parameter control would be great.

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What can MUC do with vst parameters other than display them in one window?

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