Remote jam sessions over the net?

Hi there! Just wondering if anyone has experience setting up some sort of remote jam session using renoise? I wanna link up over the net w a friend on ableton and basically just link tempos, and record the sessions.

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Latency is the enemy. But this might be of interest:

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Thanks gonna give it a try

i wasn’t actively looking for something like this, but i might give it a go…
anyone interested in making online jam? (i’d play keyboards/piano)

Another tool for remote jamming, thought (again) not specific to Renoise. I’ve not used this yet.

FarPlay enables you to play music with others over the internet as if you were in the same room. With unmatched audio delay mitigation, multi-user sessions, and multi-track recording capabilities, FarPlay is revolutionizing virtual music performance, rehearsals, and coaching sessions.