Remove 512 Pattern Length Limit?

maybe it isn’t possible becuase of the size of the pattern length field?
is it because renoise preloads samples used in the pattern into memory, and large amounts of data would be called into memory using giant patterns?
and this length is used to mediate memory?

personally: i never went over 128… i start to lose control in long patterns… if many people need it why not…? =)

automation would be unusable for precise work without a zooming feature

Yeah, but it would be perfectly for usable for “normal” work… oh, and it has a zoom already doesn’t it? I guess the real problem is that Renoise isn’t prepared to dynamically allocate memory for stuff like that? Otherwise there is just no reason for that limit…

well yes there is a zoom already, though I would prefer it in the “zoom selection” classic fashion, anyway it’s good enough for the current size limit of 512; what I meant (and have horribly resumed in my previous message) is that overcoming the 512 limit would require the above mentioned “zoom selection” feature.

I don’t know about how Renoise works with dynamic allocation of patterns data so I can’t really answer your question.

what is this about, making it longer than 512 or disable to make the pattern that long?
personally I always use 512 as a standart.
I have a better overview in 512 than in 2x256.

sorry for that question, but Im not that good in common english speech. :D
have a nice weekend everyone :D:D:D:D

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It’s about making it longer than 512, comrade, because in Soviet Renoise, pattern expands YOU! :P

oh yeh, i did forget about the automation area, hmm.

automation zoom to selection is an excellent idea It-Alien!

XD Indeed.
I am “pro” to make it longer (like 1024) uh yeah uh yeah, longest pattern in all time at the world !!

Oh I see, so 512 is actually the maximum pattern length. I was just about to ask about this, since I wanted to make a (quite) long progression in a song and I found that editing the automation in consecutive patterns was a tad complicated - you have to make sure that the next pattern will have the automation value in the same level than the last one from the previous pattern.

So I was thinking of instead 4x256 line patterns I could have a big one of 1024 lines but I found renoise didn’t let me create a pattern > 512.

I guess I will have to keep splitting the progression in smaller patterns… :rolleyes:

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Max patt length should be 16384, with a message at the bottom of the patt saying “glad you finally made it.”

Why need patterns when you could write a whole song in one?

But I do kind of agree, when working with ambient stuff I’d like them to be a little longer. Oh wait, I could just slow down the tracking… doh!

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512 is a magic number! According to wikipedia, 512 is a perfect cube of 8, a Leyland number, a Dudeney number, and a Harshad number.
If we want a higher number, it better be good !!

Btw: if renoise was to have clip cupport, they could have an “unlimited” length

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Well, if wikipedia said it, it must be true. :lol:

well that is my reasoning behind this thread. i had a thought that with my current workflow could greatly increase it due to unrestricted pattern length. something i could define as ‘VLP’. (very large patterns)

i’m thinking ofthis in terms of a word processer versus a typewriter.
with a typewriter one must add paper. with a word processor the pages are transparent to the user.
thinking about it a little more it’s possible there is an option i have over looked.

:lol: :lol:

yeah seriously, who the hell needs a pattern longer than 512, like the majority, i use 128 lines and speed 6[COUGH!] erm, speed 8 :P

It would be nice to have longer than 512 limit; I found I get good beats when I’m just messing around and often forget to record it and would be nice to not have to worry about having the pattern loop around on itself, or have the ability to see notes (similar to that under MIDI Monitor) that can be copied and pasted from.