Remove From Vst List

I’d like to see option to remove vst’s from track dsp’s list and also vsti’s from instruments lists.

no, I think he means that its not in the list of avaiable VSTs/VSTi’s, and for that you just delete the DLL file on your harddisk … or move it somewhere else, out of renoises VST Folder.

Good one :D Sometimes i don’t use the in renoise but don’t want to delete them, this could be a good function

Like this one!

I think this is something to introduce together with the discussed grouping of VST’s & VSTi’s. See this thread:

Vst Effect Subfolders

also would be good to have manual adding of a vst/vsti. sometimes autoscan new vst/vsti can’t find a vst/vsti you have just installed, and full rescan is a such pain. and possibility to add certain vst/vsti would be useful.

or the very height of sloth ;) :D