Remove Italics In Phase View?

I love the new features and look of 2.8 but the Phase view is the only place in renoise I have found italic fonts for the -1.0 and +1.0. And it looks a little out of place.

agreed. would like to know the design decision for this though. maybe there’s a good reason for it?

I don’t mind italics or not, just think it is confusing to have the meter right underneath -R & -L, dunno what would be a more appropriate spot in that small window.

Can somebody explain the reasoning behind the numbers of the Phase Meter (sorry if this is considered a side-track.)

As far as I can tell:

+1 = 0deg phase shift
0 = 90deg phase shift
-1 = 180deg phase shift

But why?! And thus why does it reset to 0 (90deg) on silence?

Surely labelling from 0 - 180 would be more suitable, no?