Remove Note Off When Deleting A Note.

I think it would save a lot of time if when you remove a note, the first noteoff (in the same pattern) below the note is removed. If there is no note off, nothing is removed.

In every other way of sequensing when you remove a note, the noteoff is also removed.

In trackers the noteoff is left, when you press delete, I think this is a one of the more bad behaviours of trackers and I think it needs an update.

This could offcourse be made optional, but once implemented I don’t think anyone would turn it off…

This sounds like very useful feature. Probably well in line for the eventual implementation of a pianoroll.

This would probably make the “smart noteoffs” über-smart though, and they will soon reign the worlds supreme. :D

I can only imagine this being frustrating:
what if you inserted a note which after want to remove? the next noteoff would be removed aswell, but in 99% of cases that’s not what you wanted.

In my opinion this is a to specialized feature to make it an option

I mean: if developers will implement this, they should also implement a hell of other similar user requests, but you know that there is a limit for checkboxes :)

Hmm, I don’t see the problem you are trying to describe?

Did you read that: If there is no noteoff (IE there is a note instead) nothing is removed…

Acctually this behaviour was something that I first thought of after thinking of making a suggestion of automatic noteoff insertion.

IE that when you insert a note there is also a noteoff inserted at a specified length (Like in a pianoroll or like in Aodix) the noteoff could be changed on the fly by holding preferably shift and pressing arrow up/down.

Why shift? Because then you can insert a chord, and still keeping shift down, adjusting the noteoff lenght.

I think he meant that what if you insert a note between a note and a noteoff. And then you want to remove the “middle” one again. The noteoff would (wrongly) be deleted.

Hmm, well okay, I admit that I did not think about it!

But, now that I do, I don’t see that as a problem.

Because, in that case, you just insert a new noteoff, just like you would now…

Consider how it is today.

If you remove a note that works as a noteoff, you probably also want to:

A. Insert a new noteoff somewhere where the old note was.
B- Change the position of the old noteoff, and then you still have to either insert a new noteoff to change the position or press insert/backspace to move the noteoff…

You could allways keep the old way of removing notes and not removing the noteoff by holding Xkey+delete…

In the config there could be a switch that swiches between which behaviour should be default. The old, (hold xkey+delete to also remove noteoff). Or the new (Hold xkey+delete to not remove a noteoff).

I can see this idea as very very intuitive and “flowful”. Both the automatic entering of noteoff and the deletion thereof.

Especieally when seeing it as pianoroll, as the notes would have infinitely long “trails” until an noteoff is entered. This would kind of make the whole process automatic.

Maybe should also pitchbend and volume slide information also be removed for the note.

IT-Alien has a really good point, where are all the buttons for speciality functions go? :D Maybe they are making the program less intuitive if they are cluttered up in rather the small areas.
In ImpulseTracker there was several pages track,instrumet,sample,settings,… just saying :D

what if they simply added an off-interface config screen :P

I’m not sure if I could like this feature or it would just irritate me. But IT-alien, your checkbox argument is not really a problem, since it imo could be included in the configs section.

However I would kill for an option to always delete panning and volume for a note.

To be honest I don’t quite understand how this would work… but I trust you on this Bantai :)