Remove The Bottom Bar + Renoise Logo

The Renoise interface is very compact and stream lined just as we like it.

But I have to ask: the bottom bar where the Renoise logo is located looks nice, but isn’t it actually a little waste of space? Couldn’t the logo be fitted somewhere at the top bar instead to free the bar at the bottom for use to whatever other part/surface of the interface that we find to be most useful? :)

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after re-thinking: let it be like it is.
It is easy when you load a large file to see if it is actually loading .

“At significant points, Renoise will display information regarding its status and current operations here. If you wish to see the Tip of the Day dialog box again, click on the Renoise logo at the right.”

Sorry, my miss! But… “significant points” is not all the time and atleast myself never give attention to the status down there. So maybe still something we can discuss.

Status Bar is very useful and you can’t get rid of it! Don’t see the Renoise logo as taking that much space from it, although maybe it does if you’re using a netbook…

I do use a 13" laptop some but my question was more regarding the whole bar rather than the logo. But I totally forgot about the status messages at the bottom…

With a 13" laptop (and especially, netbook resolution), every pixel counts. And status bar messages are of course important, but rarely mission critical.

So I actually think it would be nice to have it as an optional setting to be able to hide the bar. Perhaps even with a small icon (a speech bubble?) somewhere in the GUI to tell you about “missed” status messages…

I like that idea!

Of course there is no harm in having an option to hide the status bar entirely, most programs in Windows have this exact option.

I think the entire gui could use some more flexibility. That is, having both automation and DSP at the same time, instruments at screen bottom, mixer next to the pattern editor.
I would’ve really liked to see a better support for dual screen with Renoise. I’d take the pattern editor and DSP/automation on one screen while the other has the mixer, instruments, instrument/sample editor. just a thought…

i think that instrument window could be more biggaar, its too small, scrollin az fuck till i die to search the right instrument BTW

Kiosk mode! I think getting rid of the bar outright would be a loss, so that optionality could be good for people.

Maybe you know it allready , but you can expand the instrument window by clicking the “more” button below the renoise disk browser . escape brings it back to the way it was.


the instrument window could use an expand button like the diskop, or simply have a separate tab next to track dsp tab or something. A big ass screen like a preset browser in a NI vsti plugin (think fm8 or Absynth). Maybe have lights next to the instruments every time a hit is triggered?

f*ck yeah!

+1 :)