Removing acoustic debris from historic vinyl recording

Hello there Brainiacs,

I am searching for a way to clean up a series of historic recordings of a bel canto technique that was very prominant in the early 20th C. The gentleman who discovered the LP’s (who teaches the technique in NYC) put them on youtube. Here is the contralto Janet Spencer practicing this method of Hermann Klein which in turn was based on the Garcia school of bel canto singing.

Would I be able to clean up this track using Renoise? I would appreciate any and all help. I am very untechnical, but I am very tenacious in trying to solve problems. Thank you very much in advance,


You’d probably be better off using Audacity, it’s more suited to that kind of thing than Renoise.

Here’s some workflow ideas:

Izotope RX5 is a pretty good plugin for this kind of audio work, but also pretty costy. Here is a quick and dirty job (right click -> save as) done with Acoustica Premium, maybe it’s enough for you to work with. Not ideal but sounds a lot better already.

from this thread, there are tools that work in Renoises sample editor;

If you didn’t know, there is also this script which uses the sox application for denoising;


The CDP tool ( ) has a bunch of denoising processes in ’ Specnu - Specnu Clean’ using so called noisefiles…a noisefile is the 2nd sound you set up in the tool gui and will be subtracted from another sound. So if you have a recording of a synth as one sound, and portion of the noise audio as second, you can remove the noise content from the synth.

Thank you, guys, for your help. I very much appreciate your kindness.

Organic Io, I tried Audacity before I wrote my message and pulled most of the sound out with the noise, so I panicked and found this message board with the millions and zillions of big brothers that the internet affords, and whom I can ask for help. I revisited Audacity and finessed the settings with preview this time and it is much better.

Beatslaughter, Wow! That sounds great. Thank you so much for doing that. Well, I guess I now believe in the resurrection of the dead based on how you unburied Janet’s voice from years and years of sedimentary acoustic soil. Thank you again for that. I think I will get the Acoustica Premium with the restoration (resurrection) suite. I think that will work great.

Thank you, Djeroek, for your input. It is a little over my head, but maybe i will get it someday. I belong to and will take the audio courses after I slay the Photoshop dragon.

Bless the souls in Paris.

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Just to be sure, the premium edition has the restoration suite included, so there is no need to buy both, just premium is enough.

Got it! Thank you…