Denoising noisy synths...

Oh, I know a tip!

I like to sample synthesizers but sometimes they are kind of slightly noisy and there isn’t much you can do about it, analog chorus sections and so on…

Sample it anyway and keep clicking smooth/interpolate until it’s gone. Super magic. Best tool if this this particular white noise from sampling hardware is bothering you. Doesn’t make your sample sound weird or hollow like some fancy tools do. Nice! Maybe you can get it scrubby clean as a vst.

Yeah, dumb tip and you probably already know but I thought you might like to know again.

yep, the smoothing button in the sample editor is basically a quick filter to shave off high frequencies, saves setting up an eq/filter device, or denoising plugin…but with those of course you can go more in-depth, detailed with the frequency shaving. I often use the smooth button for cymbals & hi-hats containing to much high freqs.

If you didn’t know, there is also this script which uses the sox application for denoising;


The CDP tool ( ) has a bunch of denoising processes in ’ Specnu - Specnu Clean’ using so called noisefiles…a noisefile is the 2nd sound you set up in the tool gui and will be subtracted from another sound. So if you have a recording of a synth as one sound, and portion of the noise audio as second, you can remove the noise content from the synth.

Very nice, Djeroek. Didn’t know you could put some fancy denoise in the Renoise. Thanks a bunch!