Removing stock Plugins / Effects

Hey there,

is there any way of removing the stock plugins, like the Equalizer & Filter […], from the list of available plugins?

I’ve made up a collection of my own selection and want to make it as simplistic as possible - And the stock plugins just don’t suit in it.

Made up of a bunch of free VST’s, I want to start a challenge where I only use thirdparty VST’s, and I just want to disable the stocks.

Any idea? Tried to remove the presets of each plugin but that alone won’t make the plugins disappear.


There’s no way to remove the native devices from Renoise.

However, you could add the VSTs to your favourites so they appear first in the list, then simply ignore everything else.

True, that’d be totally possible. I’d appreciate a grouping-feature for favorites, however.

That way, I could organize them, as remembering the names is not always fun, and some devices really don’t quite tell what they are by their name.

Anyways, if it’s not possible at this time then I’ll have to do it this way for now - Thanks for the information! :slight_smile:


Ah, nevermind! I can just rename them and add some shortcuts in front of each name! Problem solved, though my suggestion for a grouping-feature still exists! :slight_smile:


Holy damn, are you for real? You actually CAN create groups!

When you rename a plugin, you can just write, say, “EQ:” in front of the name and it puts it in such subgroup - awesome!

Skelpolu, what free filter vst you use?

I couldn’t find any suitable filter vst for my VST-collection. I’d love to see a simple, yet not gui-less 1-band-EQ / Filter, that’d be awesome for some small uses.

Anyways, I am thinking about making a post of this said collection as I am really glad with what I’ve picked. :smiley:

Sorry for some delays, but try this . Filter not bad.